Module 2 - Building Character


Module 2

In this module, we will cover:

• Character list

• Character descriptions

• Determining the beginning, middle and end

• Identifying the conflict, climax and resolution

• Cliffhanger endings

• Making an outline

Module 2 Worksheet PDF.pdf

Character descriptions—Your job as a writer is to create memorable characters for your readers. Your goal is to make them feel and take them on a journey full of emotion. You must create characters that are so alive that your reader can see, hear and even smell them. A great character description is both vivid and realistic; it creates a visual image for the reader that seems to come to life by offering crucial insight into this character's personality and background.

Beginning, Middle and End

Your plot should have a clear and concise beginning, middle and end. Your story should follow an order that makes sense. Your readers should be able to easily follow your story from start to finish without confusion.

Conflict, Climax, Resolution!

A good story should have THREE basic components. It’s a simple concept…present a problem, escalate the problem, solve the problem. THE END!

Cliff Hanger Endings

This is a clever plot device that I like to use at the end of chapters. It features a main character suffering from a dilemma or something shocking which leaves the reader hanging or guessing. The reader does not find out what happens until a future chapter.


*NOTE* After you select your OUTLINE type, let us know in the Facebook group!

Use a new thread and type #outline.

Outlines can save you time and tons of revisions.

I appreciate an outline because it genuinely helps me to keep my thoughts organized. Personally, for me to be successful, an outline is a MUST! You can make an outline for the entire book OR, you can outline chapter by chapter. An outline can help simplify your direction. Although I don’t name the chapters in my books, I do name the chapters on my outline. It further helps me stay on track. Especially if I forget something and I need to go back and add it in. I can get to the section quickly, add the information, and move on. Now listen, my outlines are not elaborate, and I do not spend too much time on them. It’s not for anyone to see. It’s for my eyes only—just to keep me and my thoughts in line.

Sample Character Traits

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